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About EVEpoll

Evepoll ©2017 Snitch Ashor of BRGF.

Idea and Concept by Arahabaki.

EVEpoll is no way responsible for the content of the polls, it's users create.

Version 1.1

EVEpoll is using sophisticated cosmetic number fudging for the rounded percentages so the polls end up at 100%.
In some cases, where this would either resolve a tie or create one where there actually is none, it's omitted and percentages will not add up to 100%.
Working as intended.

This app is built using php and the bootstrap framework.
All interactions with EVE Online are done using the EVE Swagger Interface

Additional Software used:

Special Thanks to a lot of very helpful people in #devfleet and #esi on the tweetfleet slack.

So long,
o7, Snitch.